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Back to School Treats

Have these sweet snacks waiting for your kids after the first day of school


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Looking for ways to make the kids--or their teachers--feel special on the first day of school? Surprise them with apple cupcakes, like this one made by Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake in Vancouver, B.C.

Image courtesy of Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake in Vancouver, B.C.

Whether you're throwing a back to school party or just want to surprise your kids with something sweet on the first day of school, check out these ideas for back to school treats.

  • Apple cupcakes from Coco Cake, in Vancouver, B.C. I've oohed and ahhed over Lyndsay Sung's work before, and if you're a Kids' Parties fan on Facebook, you're used to my frequent links to Coco Cake's work. Lyndsay's apple cupcakes are perfect for the back-to-school season.
  • Cute as a Fox Creations shares instructions for making faux cupcakes (they're actually Jelly Bellies in red-colored ramekins) shaped like apples. Those would make great favors at a back-to-school party, don't you think?
  • FamilyFun magazine has a few different school treat ideas, including school bus cupcakes, a bus cake, a pencil cake and another apple cupcake, this time with tiny "seeds" inside. Donna Pilato, About.com's Guide to Entertaining, once made the pencil cake with adorable results.
  • Back-to-school cake pops from--who else?--Bakerella. (P.S. Don't forget about our super-easy-to-follow video tutorial for making cake pops.)
  • Oh-so-cute penmanship cupcakes from Duhlicious.
  • Worried about giving your kids a sugar overload just as the school year starts? How about making soft pretzels in the shapes of letters and numbers, spelling out phrases like "ABCs and 123s" or "Back to School"?
  • Don't forget to display your treats in a back-to-school background, like this school-inspired sweets display from Sweets Indeed, of Glendora, Calif.

If you end up making a school-themed treat, please send me a photo so I can add it to our cake gallery. And if all of that seems too complicated during such a busy time of year, don't sweat it. Your kids will likely be just as happy with a warm batch of chocolate chip cookies.

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