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4th of July Party Games

Patriotic Games for Kids to Play at a July 4th Celebration.


4th of July Party Games
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Happy Birthday America! It’s time for a star-spangled celebration! And everyone knows a birthday party isn't complete without some games, so along with the 4th of July treats and the fireworks, don’t forget to schedule some patriotic play time. These ideas for July 4th party games are great for the kids, but there’s no reason the grown-ups can’t join in, too. After all, what better time to than Independence Day to exercise your right to enjoy some good, old fashioned, all-American, kid-friendly fun?

Red White and Blue Game
A game that requires no props, yet still celebrates the colors of America, the “Red White and Blue Game” begins with players sitting in a circle, either on the ground or around the party table. The first player starts by naming something that is red, such as an apple. The next player in the circle names something that is white, and the third player names something blue. The fourth person starts again by naming something red. Play continues in this manner, but players must not repeat an item that has already been said. When a player repeats an answer or takes more than five seconds to come up with something, he is out of the game. The game keeps going until one person is left as the winner.

Firework Pop
Fill several red, white and blue balloons with patriotic-colored confetti. Then, inflate them and scatter them around the party space. Tell kids they have to “set off” the fireworks by popping the balloons – with their feet. Kids can stomp away until all the “fireworks” have popped.

American Flag Race
Divide players into two teams and have them line up at a starting point. At the other end of the party space, place one set of the following items for each team:
  • A sheet of poster board.
  • One roll each or red, white and blue streamers.
  • Star stickers.
  • Glue.
Each team will also need a pair of scissors, but for safety reasons, these should be placed at the starting line so no one needs to race with them.

On the “go!” signal, the first players in line have to race and collect one of the items, then return and tag the second player in line, who must do the same. Once all of the items have been collected, the teams must use the supplies to decorate the poster board like the American Flag. The first team to completer their flag wins the race.

Don’t Say Red, White or Blue
Gather the kids at your party and give them each either one red, one white or one blue bracelet. You can buy these in a dollar store or simply make them out of loops of colored ribbon. Once all of the players are wearing their bracelets, tell them that they are not allowed to say the words red, white or blue.

Have the kids go about their business, playing and participating in party activities. As they mingle, they can try to trick each other into saying one of the forbidden color words. Anytime a player slips up and says one of the colors, the player who caught him saying it gets to take one of his bracelets. The first player to have a complete set of one red, one white and one blue bracelet wins a prize.

Stars and Stripes Rover
To play this game, divide players into two teams. Name one team the “Stars” and the other team the “Stripes.” Tape cutout stars to the shirts of the players on the Stars team. Use colored ribbon to tie stripes onto the shirts of the players on the Stripes team.

Have teams line up and play as they would for a traditional game of Red Rover. Instead of calling out “Red Rover.” However, teams will call out “Stars Rover” or “Stripes Rover” when it is their turn. When a player is captured by the opposing team, she must surrender her star and trade it for a stripe (or vice versa), and join the new team.

Uncle Sam Relay
To play this game you will need two Uncle Sam costumes. Place the costumes, side-by-side at one end of the play space. Divide players into two teams and have them line up at the opposite end of where you placed the costumes. The first players in line must race to the costumes, put them on, and run back to their teams. Then, they must remove the costumes and hand them to the next players in line. Those players have to put on the costumes, run to the other side of the party space, and then back to remove the costumes and hand them to the third players in line. This continues until all of the players have run the course while wearing the costume. The first team to complete this task wins.

Pin the Stars on the Flag
Draw an American Flag on a large piece of poster board. Color it in with markers or paint, but leave off the stars. Hang the flag poster. Blindfold kids and have them try to place star stickers or paper cutouts of stars in the blue field of the flag.

Pass Uncle Sam’s Hat
Have kids sit in a circle. Give them an Uncle Sam’s hat. Play some patriotic music. As the music plays, players must pass the hat around the circle, and each player must put the hat on and take it off before passing it on to the next person. Every time the music stops, the player wearing the hat is out of the game. The last player left in the circle wins.

Fireworks Dance
Gather players in a large area where they can dance. Play some patriotic music or firework-themed songs, such as Firework by Katy Perry. Like the party game of Freeze Dance, kids will dance freely to the music. When the music stops, however, instead of freezing, they will imitate fireworks by shaking, jumping and making popping noises. When the music starts again, the “fireworks” can resume dancing.

Musical Flags
This game puts a patriotic twist on the traditional party activity of Musical Chairs. To play Musical Flags, you’ll need several small flags on sticks, which can be found in dollar stores, craft stores or even the seasonal aisles of department and grocery stores. You can also make your own by taping paper flags to bamboo skewers.

Stake the flags into the ground, lined up in a long row. Make sure the number of flags in the row is one less than the number of players. Play some patriotic songs and have kids circle the row of flags. Whenever the music stops, players must grab a flag. The player left without a flag is out. One flag is then taken away and the remaining flags are lined up again. Play continues like this until only one player is left. She is the winner.

Cupcake Decorating Relay Race
Divide kids into two teams. Mark a starting line close to a table they can use as a workspace for decorating their cupcakes. Several feet away from the starting line, place two sets of the items they will need to decorate their cupcakes. Items to include are: cupcakes (one per player) a can of white frosting a container of red, white and blue sprinkles, and plastic utensils for frosting the cupcakes.

At the start of the game, the first player in line for each team must race to the items, take a cupcake, and bring it back to the table. The next player must do the same. Once each player has a cupcake, they must continue racing to gather the remaining items.

When all of the cupcakes and decorations are back at the table, the players must frost and decorate their cupcakes. The first team with all of their cupcakes decorated in red, white and blue wins the game.

Star Spangled Pinata
Fill a patriotic-themed pinata with treats and hang it in the yard. Blindfold kids and have them hit the pinata (one at a time) until it breaks, releasing the treats. Kids then collect the treats that have fallen to the ground.
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