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Christine Gauvreau

Christine Gauvreau

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Christine Gauvreau has been planning parties, both personally and professionally, for more than a decade.


A freelance writer with a love for entertaining, Christine Gauvreau has written and published numerous articles covering the topic of kids’ parties. After both coordinating and writing about a variety of children’s celebrations, Christine co-founded an event planning business that specializes in kids’ parties.

By Christine Gauvreau:

I was in the third grade when I realized I wanted to be a writer. Mrs. Glatzer’s comments on my English composition inspired me to keep writing, and I never stopped. I’m sure my love of birthday parties started much earlier, and both have stayed with me through the years.

There’s not much that makes kids happier than being the star of their own party, and being able to create or contribute to that happiness actually feels like giving a gift to myself, every time.

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