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Kids' Parties September 2010 Archive


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Halloween Invitation Roundup

Tuesday September 28, 2010
If you're throwing a Halloween party for kids this year, it's time to start thinking about (and sending!) invitations. You could easily make your own invitations by folding pieces of colored ... Read More

Fill-in-the-Blank Thank You Cards: Hot or Not?

Friday September 24, 2010
The kids' design site Ohdeedoh has a discussion going on its blog today about fill-in-the-blank thank you cards and whether they teach children good etiquette or not. You've probably seen these ... Read More

Show Off Your DIY Party Supplies

Wednesday September 22, 2010
I stumbled upon a blog the other day called Rocky River Farmhouse and loved reading about the old-fashioned party that blogger Natalie threw for her 3-year-old daughter's birthday. I was especially ... Read More

When 21,000 RSVP for Your Kid's Birthday Party

Wednesday September 22, 2010
Oh, no. Chalk this up as one of those problems my generation never had to deal with when we were kids but should educate ourselves on as soon as possible. A British ... Read More

Over the Rainbow Birthday Parties

Thursday September 16, 2010
When my oldest daughter turned 3, we threw her a rainbow-themed birthday party. It's my favorite of the seven themes the girls have had so far (the others were pink, ... Read More

Halloween Costumes Based on Children's Books

Tuesday September 14, 2010
I'm working on a series of articles right now about how schools celebrate Halloween, from throwing traditional classroom parties to hosting carnivals after hours to honoring autumn instead. One of the ... Read More

The Latest Party-Related Giveaways

Sunday September 12, 2010
It's time for another roundup of giveaways on party-related blogs. Check out these opportunities to win prizes--and then let me know if you end up landing something! A whole slew of ... Read More

Halloween on the Front Porch

Thursday September 9, 2010
I spotted my first front porch pumpkin of the season this morning. It definitely put my girls and me in the fall and Halloween spirit. I keep seeing articles about how ... Read More

L'Shanah Tovah!

Thursday September 9, 2010
Jewish families around the world began celebrating Rosh HaShanah today, which, together with upcoming Yom Kippur, are known as the Days of Awe or High Holy Days. As About.com Guide Ariela ... Read More

No Reason to Celebrate is a Great Reason to Celebrate

Tuesday September 7, 2010
As you could probably guess, I love a party. My daughters do, too. We didn't plan it this way, but our family of four's birthdays are evenly spaced. One falls ... Read More

First Day of School Traditions

Thursday September 2, 2010
Tomorrow is the first day of school in our city, so I'm busily packing lunches and prepping a hearty breakfast for my three back-to-schoolers (one kindergartner, one preschooler and one ... Read More

All About Grandparents Day

Wednesday September 1, 2010
Remember my post about Grandparents Day last week? At the end, I mentioned that it would be part of the All About Parenting blog carnival, which is being hosted by ... Read More

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