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Kids' Parties August 2010 Archive


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All Things Cute and Happy

Tuesday August 31, 2010
My 5-year-old daughter has started discovering things I thought we had a couple more years to hide from her. Not horrible things, necessarily. Just more-than-a-kindergartner-needs-to-know things, like dance moves that ... Read More

Party-Related Giveaways

Monday August 30, 2010
Everyone loves a blog giveaway, right? Here's a roundup of some party-related contests that wrap up this week: Kara's Party Ideas is giving away a Silhouette Craft Cutter, which is valued ... Read More

Celebrating Grandparents Day

Friday August 27, 2010
This time of year always reminds me of my Nana. She grew an amazing vegetable garden in her backyard, and I'll never forget walking out to it in the August afternoons ... Read More

Ocean-Themed Party Ideas

Thursday August 26, 2010
I was visiting family in northwest Washington state last week and made the requisite trip to Birch Bay, a small beach community just south of the Canadian border. After stocking ... Read More

Back-to-School Treats

Monday August 23, 2010
Is anyone throwing a back-to-school party this year? I keep seeing adorable ideas for treats with a school theme, so I wanted to share them in case you're looking for ... Read More

The Most Unique Party Themes

Wednesday August 18, 2010
I was making my regular rounds on Facebook this morning and saw that The Party Dress, a party-planning website, was preparing for an upcoming purse-themed birthday. I've seen, worked on ... Read More

County Fair and Old-Fashioned Picnic-Inspired Parties

Tuesday August 17, 2010
A few months ago, I answered a reader's question about how to host a classic picnic party in her backyard. I loved coming up with ideas for that, like wrapping ... Read More

Balloons: Beyond the Bouquet

Monday August 16, 2010
I keep thinking about that balloon barn I featured last month here on the blog and about something that Leesa Zelken, of the party-planning company Send in the Clowns, said ... Read More

A Reader's Despicable Me Cake and Minions Tutorial

Sunday August 15, 2010
A few weeks ago, I shared some ideas for throwing a Despicable Me birthday party after seeing the movie with my daughters. A reader who goes by the name Sugahmommy left ... Read More

How Far in Advance Do You Start Party Planning?

Friday August 13, 2010
My youngest daughter's birthday is in late October, so I've started brainstorming ideas for her party. She keeps saying she wants a horse-themed party--fun, huh? Two months' worth of planning works ... Read More

Tips for a 'Dora' Birthday as Character's TV Party Approaches

Wednesday August 11, 2010
Even cartoon characters get to celebrate birthdays. On Sunday, Nickelodeon plans to air an hour-long prime-time movie about Dora the Explorer, the Latina adventurer with a monkey sidekick named Boots. The ... Read More

Throwing a Black-and-White Birthday Party

Monday August 9, 2010
Remember Dena, the mom who was looking for ideas for her daughter's 16th birthday party? I gave her some Sweet 16 theme suggestions last month. Dena wrote back to say that ... Read More

Thank You Notes from Kids

Thursday August 5, 2010
My wedding was almost a decade ago, but I still remember the task of writing dozens upon dozens of thank you notes to guests who had so generously treated my ... Read More

Ramadan Starts Next Week

Wednesday August 4, 2010
Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, sacrifice and service observed by Muslims, begins a week from today. If your family is looking for ways to involve children in the holiday ... Read More

A Clever Way for Kids to Find Their Party Favors

Monday August 2, 2010
I just came from the dentist office, of all places, and got to talking with my hygienist about kids' parties. She mentioned something her dad used to do when she and ... Read More

Mustaches 'n' Lips on Sticks

Sunday August 1, 2010
When I was a kid, my sister and I used to play "Gordy and Jack." It was a simple game named after our dad, Jack, and his best friend, Gordy. ... Read More

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