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Puppy-Themed Party Games

Saturday May 31, 2014
dog facepaint

My oldest daughter has been crazy about dogs and puppies since she was a toddler. Everything in her life seems to follow a dog theme; from her bedroom decor, to her stories and drawings to the real puppy we got for her when she was six. And for that sixth birthday, we also threw a party with a puppy theme.

As she's grown into the tween years, she has found other interests, but still loves dogs more than anything else she has discovered. When she turned eight, feeling she'd outgrown the puppy theme, she found a more mature way to incorporate canines by asking instead for a wolf-themed party.

With so many years of celebrating all things canine, we've certainly tried out a fair amount of dog-themed games and activities. So, if you're throwing a dog-themed party of your own, perhaps our list of favorite puppy party games can help you plan the activities.

Image ©Christine Gauvreau

Teacher Gift Idea: Personalized Clipboard

Friday May 30, 2014
personalized clipboard

Stumped on what to give your children's teachers for an end of the year gift? This decorative, personalized clipboard is a project you and your child can make in a couple of hours with just a few craft supplies.

You can even add your child's current school picture or the class photo to the back of the board, so the teacher can always remember them.

Do you have ideas for teacher appreciation gifts? Please share them here!

Image ©Christine Gauvreau

Host a Ballerina Party

Wednesday May 28, 2014
ballet party

It's that time of the year for young dancers and their parents. Yes recital season is here, and the dance world is abuzz with dress rehearsals, costume alterations, ticket sales and everything else that leads up to that first opening of the curtain. With so much preparation for the actual event, I suppose it's pretty easy to do what I did in my first year as a dance mom (and not the scary kind of dance mom, I assure you), and forget to plan something for after the event. But it's okay because I've got something planned for the next time around.

This ballerina party is a lovely way to celebrate their accomplishment after the final curtain is drawn. It's also a fun idea for celebrating an aspiring dancer's birthday party with friends and dance school classmates. With ideas for everything from ballerina-themed party games to frilly favors, these party ideas are sure to keep them on their toes.

Image ©Christine Gauvreau

Throw a Camping Party

Monday May 26, 2014
camping party
As the long weekend comes to a close, I look outside and see the camping tent the girls convinced my husband to pitch on (Daddy, let's have a campout!) still standing where they abandoned it once the smores were gone and the "scary" darkness settled over the yard.

Up until that point, however, they had a great time on their faux camping trip. Just as they've enjoyed every one of those makeshift tents and forts (and every last smore). Almost as much, I imagine, as they would love a camping-themed party. Whether celebrating a birthday, hosting an event at an actual summer camp or simply looking for a fun way to entertain a few kids in your backyard, a camping party theme packs loads of kid appeal. Easy for parents, too, are camping party games and ideas that don't require much fuss.

So pitch a tent, build a faux fire, bake some campfire cupcakes and invite your kids' friends to a party filled with fun camping ideas.

Images courtesy of Christine Gauvreau

End of the School Year Celebrations

Monday May 19, 2014
School is out!

Since the first day of school they've been dreaming about this day. Yes, the last day of school is almost here! From a schoolyard carnival to a classroom camping trip, these ideas for end of the school year celebrations will help students say goodbye to another year and say hello to summer vacation!

A Garden Cake for Mother's Day

Friday May 9, 2014
garden cake

Hey Dads, why not help the kiddos make this garden cake for Mom on Mother's Day? Don't panic, it's really easy to do - you can even start with a store-bought pound cake! Make it a lemon poppy pound cake and you can serve it as part of her breakfast in bed!

Sombrero Pinata Cookies

Wednesday April 30, 2014
sombrero cookies

Cinco de Mayo is almost upon us, bringing with it celebrations of Mexican culture, including delicious fare on which to feast. While I prefer a spicy combination of chicken, corn and bell peppers, the kids won't venture much past a mild, cheese-laden quesadilla (hold the salsa, please!).

These sombrero cookies are the perfect way for them to celebrate, even if they don't consist of traditional Mexican ingredients, they do represent two symbols of the culture: the sombrero and the pinata.

And as a bonus, they make good use of those plastic egg halves you've been finding everywhere since Easter!

Image ©Christine Gauvreau

Celebrate Spring with a Butterfly Cake!

Monday April 28, 2014
butterfly cake

I can't think of a better way to celebrate springtime than with the sight of a colorful butterfly. Unless of course, it's a colorful butterfly that's made of cake! This butterfly cake is the perfect dessert for a spring party theme, a butterfly birthday party or just to enjoy with the kids on a lovely afternoon.

Happy Jelly Bean Day!

Tuesday April 22, 2014
jelly bean party Did you know April 22nd is National Jelly Bean Day? Well, now you know! So go ahead and celebrate springtime's favorite colored candy with a jelly bean party theme !

Image ©Christine Gauvreau

Throw a Planting Party for Earth Day

Monday April 21, 2014
planting party
Looking for ways to celebrate Earth Day with the kids? How about simply heading out into the yard for a flower pot planting party? Sure, you may have to head to the garden center first to gather some supplies, but after that, this party can really be put together quickly - even at the last minute! So go ahead and invite the neighborhood kids to join yours for a celebration of Mother Earth that will truly bring more beauty into your world.
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